The Brahmatal trek offers a magnificent view of the snow-capped mountains and is a well-known snow trek. The trek begins in the Lohajung or Wan village in Uttarakhand. It is accessible all year round, including winter, summer, and autumn. It’s important to be aware of all the weather factors to decide when is the best time to visit the Brahmatal trek and then plan your tour based on that.

Nestled deep within the Himalayas is the Brahmatal Lake. You will notice frozen lakes as winter approaches this snow land, and walking on the snow is an adventure unlike any other. Trekkers are driven to the majestic gigantic peaks gleaming in the sky for a variety of reasons. The snow line of Gharwal is so alluring that prominent peaks like Mt. Ghunti and Mt. Trishul can be seen from the trekking trails.

For me, winter or spring is the best time to visit Brahmatal Trek. During winter, the weather is generally clear, and the surrounding is unmatched in their panoramic beauty. You may witness various hues of nature during the spring.

Brahmatal trek weather in winter –

Dec – Feb – It is popular as a classic winter trek. From receiving the huge amount of snow in Jan, this place is surreal for adventure lovers and grows more exhilarating as we ascend higher toward the peak. Brahmatal trek snow time is experienced best during these months. If you want to take part in a snow trek, pack your bags and leave straight away because the vistas are truly magical. Given that December has begun and that some of our batches are already experiencing some heavenly views on the trek.

During winter the temperature at Brahmatal in December drops from 0 to 2 degrees and on occasion even to -10 degrees Celsius. Campsites in Lohajung, Bekaltal and Brahmatal are primarily covered in snow. Brahmatal trek temperature in January is quite chilly as compared to other months. You need to carry at least 5 layers of clothes because it gets extremely cold at night. Therefore, it is important to carry winter clothing that will help you keep a constant body temperature. On our high-altitude treks, we provide tents and sleeping bags that can survive temperatures below zero.

Brahmatal trek weather in spring

March- April – The views are extremely appealing in the spring because of the red and pink rhododendrons. After March you will see isolated patches of snow as there is occasional rainfall. You’ll be amazed to see the rhododendrons blossoming along the trail in their bright colours. The richness and brightness of the landscape are a treat to the eyes. The best time to go is in this season if you want to escape the cold weather.

The day temperatures are pretty comfortable, while the night is cool. Around 10 degrees Celsius to 2 degrees at night are the average night temperatures. The trek requires donning at least two to three layers.

Brahmatal trek weather in summer

May – June – You will encounter the yellow and brown shades of trees at this time; due to the haze in the sky views will be a bit hazy.  Although it becomes evident after dawn, it is a vibrant green as far as the eye can see. Although there is snow on the ground at this time, the stunning views are still lovely enough to attract you.

In the months between May and June, the temperature varies between minus 1 degree Celsius and 5 degrees Celsius. Moreover, the weather is extremely good and ideal for many trekkers during this season.

Best time to visit Brahmatal trek

Brahmatal trek weather in Autumn

Oct – Nov – It is the peak season for many trekkers who wish to start their trekking journey. You will be surrounded by beautiful landscapes and clear blue skies as you navigate your way through the woods. Beautiful sunrises and sunsets will keep the adrenaline and nature seekers’ spirits high. With crystal-clear skies and picturesque, this place truly becomes surreal.

The Brahmatal trek temperature in November is very pleasant. At night, the temperature varies from 20 to 12 degrees Celsius. The evenings are chilly, while the days are rather warm and sunny.

How to Reach Lohajung Base –

There are no direct buses to Lohajung, however, you can drive through Rishikesh or Kathgodam if you desire to undertake this trek. The safest alternative for getting to the starting point is to use a shared taxi or join some organization. There is limited access to the outside world once you’re in the mountains. It is advisable to trek with a group that is familiar with the region for a better-organized experience.