In India, there is no dearth of treks as the Himalayan region always has something exciting to offer. There are numerous trails which can be enjoyed even during the monsoon. Many people prefer going to the mountains to experience snow, nature, wildlife, and solitude, many like to challenge themselves because conquering a mountain gives them an adrenaline rush which cannot be described in words. Everyone has a favourite season but monsoons have been a favourite for many avid nature lovers. Vistas are filled with bright sparkling colours thus offering stunning views to the trekkers. Treks in monsoon have a lot to offer when the sky turns bluer and the foliage turns greener is always so fascinating. We have listed the reasons why people like monsoon treks in India.

1. Everything is greener 

During the monsoon, the whole valley turns green, and people get to see the charm of Mother Nature. Rain not only gives respite from the heat but also offers greener views. Many think it is riskier to trek during the monsoon, on a few trails but treks like Hampta pass, Bhrigu lake trek, Rupin pass and Pin baba pass are beautiful escapades during the monsoon season. On one side of the trek, you will experience rain whereas the rain will hardly touch another part of the mountain. Therefore, making them one of the best treks to do in monsoon season. Flora on the trek during the monsoon offers unimaginable, splendid views of the surroundings and will give an insight into the magnificent landscapes of the trekkers. Trekking in the Himalayas always challenges your limits but conquering a mountain is all worth the effort.

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2. High-altitude monsoon treks in June

Monsoon season in the Himalayas usually starts from June till mid-September. In the mountains of Uttarakhand and Himachal, the monsoon starts from July onwards. Hence during June month, when the city’s mercury level is soaring high, mountains experience pleasant weather. Treks like Pangarchulla peak, Kuari pass, Rupin pass, and Gaumukh Tapovan should be on the bucket list to do in June. Verdant valleys, crisp air, lush green valleys with panoramic views, and hard snow patches still on the Snow Mountains, therefore trekking in June is quite pleasant on the trails. Many parts of Spiti are dry amidst monsoon hence Rupin pass, Hampta pass and Pin baba pass trek are considered the best and should be certainly on the trekkers’ list. 

Reasons why people like monsoon treks in India

3. Infinite flowers in full bloom

Valley of Flowers trek is listed on the UNESCO world heritage list thus making it one of the best places to trek during the monsoon season. July and August are considered the best months to explore this valley. Monsoon rain cast a spell on the valley hence making it more mesmerizing. Especially when you walk on the carpet of flowers, the sights are no less than a fairyland. The floral fragrance from the carpeting flowers entices you throughout the trek.

August season is considered the best time to visit the Valley of Flowers. Towards the end, it becomes prettier, with breathtaking views and trails which lead to paths where you can spot wildflowers and animals. As the name suggests, this valley is covered with thousands of blossoms making us speechless as we enter this zone. Here you will spot some rare species of flora thus you will fall in love with this place which looks nothing less than a fairyland. 

4. Away from the heat 

You will be surprised to see how beautiful these treks are in the monsoon season. Many trekkers are attracted to the monsoon season because not only do you get respite from the hot weather, but also you encounter numerous valleys, and mountains filled with lush greenery. With verdant hills, floating clouds and spectacular gushing river streams and waterfalls through lofty mountains, there’s always a lot to see. The hills are most vivid during the rainy season. Picturesque views and dense vegetation; you will be thrilled by the immense beauty of the monsoon treks. It is more pleasant when you walk in this kind of weather therefore the only challenge that remains is to push yourself to the peak.

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5. For the love of rain

The Himalayas become a haven for pluviophile and trekkers. When you can hear only rain drizzling, birds playing an orchestra in the valley, and the sound of droplets seems so uplifting. With just a hot cup of tea amidst nature, you can spend hours looking at the mountain ranges. But, during monsoon one has to be extra cautious and take necessary precautions. Always make sure you have waterproof shoes with good grip, a waterproof backpack and a raincoat. Monsoon treks should be considered if you are a trekking enthusiast and loves to explore the mountains in their entirely different dimension. Also, the best time of the day is when rainbows are formed across the valleys; it is such a delight to watch from your beautiful campsite.

7 Reasons why people like monsoon treks in India

6. Reduce stress

Spending time in nature is very useful to get rid of the daily stress in life. Trekking has proven very effective be it physically or mentally. Take a break from your routine life to do something which is out of your comfort zone. Trekking is one of the activities that not only keep you fit but also refreshes your creative side. Monsoon gives you the vibes of positivity, strengthens your immune system, and improves your muscular capacity.

There are many treks which will satisfy your adventure soul and one such trek which not only allows you to go out of your comfort zone but allows you to explore the cultural nuances is the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek. On this trek, you will learn about different cultures, people, and regions as a way of connecting to the place.

7. Photography

For all photography enthusiasts and nature lovers, this season is the best suited. During July and August, views are so mesmerizing in the monsoon, every moment feels worth capturing in the mountains. Even your creativity just started flowing in abundance. Pictures of droplets on leaves, macro photography, endless lush green views, and dramatic landscapes will allow you to click some good pictures. The sight becomes a haven for photographers. Every nook and corner in the mountain is filled with excellent perspective and taking snapshots looks so refreshing. Trekking in the monsoon will enchant you with vibrancy. The colourful views against the backdrop of snow-capped mountains will give you a scope to click epic pictures.

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If you are inspired by this and want to try monsoon treks, we have listed the best options below.

  1. Valley Of Flowers Trek (Uttarakhand)
  2. Kashmir Great lakes Trek (Jammu & Kashmir)
  3. Hampta Pass Trek (Himachal)
  4. Pin Baba Pass trek (Himachal)
  5. Bhrigu Lake trek (Himachal)
  6. Rupin Pass Trek (Himachal)

So next when you are planning to undertake any of the treks during the monsoon season?