Brahmatal trek is on everyone’s bucket list, as you must have often wondered why. Nestled in the Himalayas of India, Uttarakhand is a breathtaking natural beauty with Himalayan treks and fascinating wildlife. The lofty snow-capped peaks overlooking lush meadows, clear mountain lakes, spectacular rivers and streams and lush green forests continue to attract tourists from all walks of life. In the following, we will describe the reasons why Brahmatal is the favourite Himalayan trek of all trekkers.

Breathtaking views on a Himalayan trek
Brahmatal is a six-day long and easy to moderate level trek.

Best Himalayan trek

Day 1: – Kathgodam to Lohajung

Kathgodam is the neared rail head. The scenic route from Kathgodam to Lohajung base camp will take around 9 – 10 hrs. There are no direct buses on this route though you can take a shared taxi or break your journey. Reach Deval before 4 pm while travelling from Kathgodam and take another shared cab to reach Lohajung by evening.
From Rishikesh to Lohajung – There is one direct bus which starts from Rishikesh at 5:00 am but takes around 10 hrs depending on the number of halts it takes in between. The next option is to take a bus from Rishikesh to Karanprayag and then take another bus to Deval and finally take another cab to reach Lohajung (Rishikesh – Karanprayag – Deval – Lohajung). 

A shared cab can also be arranged by Nomad Adventure. You can join the team which will leave early morning from Kathgodam on Day 1. Before the trek starts to date, we make an online group and share all the details regarding the pickup location and vehicle details.

Day 02: Lohajung to Gujrani Campsite

The Brahmatal trek is easy and is considered a Himalayan trek for beginners can easily opt for the trail in winter. It starts from the base village of Lohajung at an altitude of 2300 m. Every day we will cover a distance of 5 km or more.

The start of the trail is a simple hike though, towards the end of the remaining 3 km, we will reach Begum top. From here, one is treated to a complete vista of Lohajung below. Until Begum Top, you can easily find local dhabas along the trail. From Begum Top, the trail will take you inside the splendid oak and rhododendron forests. This place provides breathtaking views of Bagdi Bugyal and Nawali Bugyal. After an hour from here, you will reach the Gujrani campsite, which is nestled in a clearing within the forest. The campsite is known for its calm and solitude, in between the forest, and campsite close to the water body.

Day 03: Gujrani Campsite to Tilandi via Bekaltal Lake

During winters, the trails will be perfect for winter setting; the snow might slow down the trek though the scenic views will keep the motivation level high. You will pass through the oak forest in an hour arriving at Tilandi via Bekaltal Lake. As you reach Bekaltal you will start seeing views of the giant Mt. Trishul on the horizon. When you rest by the Bekaltal Lake and simply reflect on your day, you’ll notice how swiftly it went by. Another winter treat is camping on the snow in Tilandi, which offers breathtaking sunrises and sunsets. The beautiful colours are now reflected in the winter, white landscape, as compared to October. You wouldn’t agree that the sights are fascinating enough to make this trek everyone’s favourite.

The beautiful view of the night sky that the night will encourage you to try astronomical photography. A bonfire and other activities can increase your list of delights. You can retire to your allocated tents for the night after having dinner.

Day 04: Tilandi to Brahmatal Lake and Brahmatal Peak and back to Tilandi

After having breakfast and warm-up exercise, we will leave for our excursion. Upon reaching the Jhandi top you will see Mt Trishul in full glory. Be physically and emotionally prepared because today’s walk will be a little challenging and exhausting. As you walk on the ridge walk to Brahmatal peak, you will start noticing the Brahmatal lake from afar. As you will reach near to the lake you will be awestruck by the beauty. Sometimes with ample snow, it is hard to reach the lake but still, the picturesque views are worth the treat to the eyes. The excitement of witnessing the magnificent sunrise from the base of Brahmatal is the best part of spending the night here.

Frozen lake at Brahmatal trek

After reaching the Brahmatal peak, you will admire the beauty of the snow-capped peaks. Once the trekkers reach the peak, you can see the admiration on their faces. The smiles and happiness show how deeply they have adored this moment. This trek never fails to surprise us no matter how many times we come back here. The great views of Mt. Trishul and Nanda Ghunti among many others will leave you speechless. You can also see the trails of Ali and Bedni Bugyal from here. After spending some quality time and having lunch we will return to the same ridge and back to the base camp in Tilandi.

Day 05: Tilandi to Lohajung via Daldum

You wouldn’t want to come back but with a heavy heart, we will descend to the Himalayan base camp trek in Lohajung. You’d feel nostalgic here and couldn’t help but agree that the Brahmatal trek is the best.

Relishing the views we will move towards the Daldum. It will take around 4 to 5 hrs to reach the base camp. In between, you will enjoy the trek covered with a forest of oak and Rhododendrons. The trail after Daldum to Lohajung will mostly be a marked trail crossing a few streams and lush green valleys. After crossing the shepherd’s huts on the way, you will follow the stone-caved path which will lead to Lohajung. Upon reaching, you can enjoy the sunset in Lohajung and explore the village.

Day 06: Lohajung to Rishikesh/Kathgodam

Today will be the end of the trip. After having breakfast and morning tea, we will bid goodbye to the mountains. From Lohajung it will take around 10 hrs to drive back.  We will reach around 6:00 pm depending on the weather and road conditions.

Is Brahmatal Trek Difficult?

The trip is an easy-graded trek that is suitable for beginners because it begins and concludes at Lohajung. Despite its elevation, both intermediate and experienced trekkers may complete the walk with ease. It is not necessary to have prior trekking experience.

This is just another reason why trekkers consider it their all-time favourite Himalayan trek.

Is Brahmatal Trek safe?

The Brahmatal trek is safe and convenient for solo trekkers as well. We see every year this trek gaining popularity, forming what seems to be a gathering of solo trekkers. This trek is all-packed year-round. Therefore, in our role as a responsible business, we also ensure that the trekkers receive the necessary attention. Before beginning any Himalayan trek in this area, there is a thorough briefing and reiki performed.

Best time to visit Brahmatal Trek and why?

Frequent rains in the monsoon season from June – August makes it wet and slippery, for the best autumn views, September to November are the best months and for snow trekking, one should visit from December to March. You will find ample snow and might see snowfall on certain days.

During summer (April – June), the lush greenery and amazing flora and fauna will fascinate you. If you are not a winter person then it is best done during these months.

snow fall in the Himalayas


The aforementioned evidence proves that, when it comes to trekking, no other trek will ever match the tranquilly and vibes of the Brahmatal trek. It’s no surprise that this journey is everyone’s favourite; it tops the list of all the treks available due to its simple, safe, moderate route, and breathtaking vistas.